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White = Purity and Truth

In this, my last Color Guide post, I’m featuring the color white. However, like black, it can be argued whether or not white is an actual color. White infers purity, innocence, simplicity, and truth. Technically, when used in logos, it could be regarded as WhiteSpace or NegativeSpace. A real world example of white in a logo is the World Wildlife Foundation logo. Can you think of any other White Logos ?

Black = Strong & Mysterious

The color black is classic, bold, strong and mysterious. While black is technically the absence of color, it still is perceived as a color by our brains and should be treated as such. It is simple and sophisticated, but can be boring if not used correctly. A real world example of the color black used in a logo is the company Nike. What other black logos have you seen?

Grey = Calm & Respectful

Using the color grey in a logo may sound dull, but the color actually emotes feelings of sophistication, calmness, and respect. The color grey commands authority and can appear regal when used appropriately. A real world example of the color grey in a logo is the technology company, Apple. Can you think of any other grey logos? Do you use grey in your company logo?

Brown = Dependability and Trust

The color brown is a rugged yet neutral color. It can inspire feelings of simplicity, trust and dependability. It’s a color which doesn’t offend or elicit excitement. A real world example of the color brown used in a logo is UPS. What other brown logos have you seen? Is the color brown used in your business logo?

Blue = Calm & Confidence

Blue is a common favorite color. It represents calm, peace, confidence, loyalty, trust, and success. It can decrease blood pressure and heart rate, and even make someone feel chilly. The wrong shades of blue, or too much blue, can come across as depressing or cold. It is seen extensively in logos for banks, law, government, and medical industries. Pictured is a real world example of blue used in the logo for JP Morgan Chase. What other examples of blue logos can you find? Do you use blue in your business logo?

Green = Nature and Renewal

What emotions do the color green evoke? Green is universally accepted as being associated with nature, earth, and health. It conveys healing, peace, renewal, tranquility, and sometimes prosperity. It’s an obvious choice for any kind of company that wants to portray itself as being environmental or natural. Today’s example of a GreenLogo is Whole Foods. What are other examples of green logos? Do you use green in your Small Business Logo ?

Yellow = Fun & Contentment

In our ongoing conversation of Color Emotion, today’s color is #Yellow. Yellow can be somewhat conflicting; some people find it happy and fun, others find it weak or feel that it communicates caution. The color yellow can create feelings of warmth, confidence, and contentment. Today’s real world example of the color yellow in a logo is McDonalds. What are other examples of yellow logos you’ve seen? Do you use yellow in your Small Business Logo?

Orange = Creativity & Action

Certain colors evoke specific emotions. Take orange for instance. Orange gives the impression of youth, creativity, and action. It can be playful and fun, or intense and exciting. A real world example: Home Depot. My own logo incorporates the color orange. Does your logo or marketing materials incorporate this creative and fun color?

Pink = Feminine & Flirty

As we’ve discussed previously, certain colors evoke specific emotions. PINK is often associated with femininity. However, it can be a strong color when highly saturated, or delicate when desaturated. This color can be fun, flirty sexy, and romantic. A highly obvious (yet real world) example of pink in a logo is Victoria’s Secret PINK brand. What other logos can you think of that incorporate this feminine and flirty color?