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Step 1: Evaluate

This is a complimentary service provided by phone, video conference, or in person with one of JMGA's seasoned designers.

Step 2: Recommend

Get a free quote! Our designers will collaborate and provide recommended changes with a detailed quote.

Step 3: Transform

You go from unsure, frustrated business owner to confident, empowered business winner and gain your customer's trust.

Why DIY Design is Bad

First impressions are lasting impressions.

Your homemade brochures and amateur logo design may have saved you money up front, but they are sending your potential customers a clear message:

  1. You are a small business amateur
  2. Your business is not to be taken seriously
  3. You are not to be trusted to deliver a quality product or service

The Designers at JMGA Creative know the truth about you and your business:

  1. You are a courageous and passionate business owner
  2. Every business owner deserves to be taken seriously, no matter how big or small
  3. You have something worthwhile to contribute and given a fair chance, you can gain your customer's trust

That's why we've developed a 3-Step Plan to help you beef up your image and subsequently build trust with your potential clients.

View The 3-Step Plan here.