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Where’s Worden? Who Cares! We’ve Moved to Staunton!

Moved to Staunton

I wrote a few days ago about some changes that were coming.

For the past 25 years I’ve conducted my graphic design business out of my home. In the early years it was just me, working around the kids’ sleeping schedules and then eventually, their school schedules.

As my kids grew older and my business grew busier, I had to hire employees to help with the increased project load. So since 2003, I’ve had employees coming to my home, every weekday, to work in my home based graphic design studio. It’s never really bothered me having employees in and out of my home every day. And I think, no, I KNOW my husband has been jealous of my short “commute” to work. I have two flights of steps to navigate. He has a 40 minute drive to St. Louis.

We live in a rural area north of Edwardsville, Illinois, just off of Illinois Route 4. We live fairly close to the small village of Hamel, but since Hamel doesn’t have rural mail delivery, our address is classified as “Worden” (since the Worden Post Office delivers our mail). This can be quite confusing to folks. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me, “Where’s Worden?” when they see my address. After I explain that Worden is north of Hamel which is north of Edwardsville, and that I don’t actually live “in” Worden, that I’m closer to Hamel, in the Alhambra Township, but still in the Edwardsville school district, their eyes have usually glazed over, just like yours have done just reading about it.

The short commute isn’t the only perk to having a home based business. With employees here every day, and clients stopping by occasionally, you can bet I am definitely motivated to keep a clean, clutter free house.

But, (here is the big news – commence with the drum roll) as of last week, the JMGA Design Team has officially moved out of my “Worden” home and we are occupying our own storefront studio in Staunton, Illinois!

So why the move? Well, my husband and I are empty nesters now, and we thought we’d try down-sizing. However, moving to a smaller home meant there would no longer be space for my home studio or employees. So we began looking around for commercial space that would work for the JMGA team. Our search eventually led us to Staunton, Illinois, a small community northwest of Worden located right along Historic Route 66. The location works for us, for our employees, and the Staunton folks have been incredibly welcoming and friendly.

Our studio is located at 301 W. Main Street, and we are sharing the space with an amazing photographer and referral partner of mine, Teri Dinnius of Dinnius Photography. Like JMGA, Teri’s business has always been home based, yet she was dreaming of eventually opening a storefront studio. Teri has taken our team’s professional photos for the past three years, and we’ve found referring business back and forth very easy since our businesses compliment each other so well. When we both learned of our common desire to open a storefront studio, our collaboration made perfect sense. We’ve both seen God recently working in our business and personal lives, and know without a doubt that He is leading us down this path together. We can’t wait to see what He has in store for us.

JMGA, JM Graphic Arts, Dinnius Photography, 301 West Main Street, Staunton

JM Graphic Arts, Inc. & Dinnius Photography are sharing this commercial space at 301 West Main Street in Staunton. Teri Dinnius’ husband, John, is a metal worker and he custom fabricated the awning for the studio.

We still have some work to do on the inside and outside of the studio, but it is quickly taking shape. We should be ready for our grand opening in a few weeks.

My husband and I still live in our “Worden” home. (We are looking around for a smaller place but haven’t found anything we like just yet.) My commute to work is now 12 minutes instead of two flights of steps. But I don’t mind at all. I love working smack dab in the center of this friendly community, within walking distance of several lunch spots, coffee shops, the post office and library. And the police station is directly across the street. Sweet!

So no more questions asking “Where’s Worden?” Okay? And if you are wondering where Staunton is, I’ll tell you. Staunton is located 25 minutes north of Edwardsville on Historic Route 66. It’s definitely worth the short drive since it is now where two of the most creative businesses around are located – JM Graphic Arts, Inc. and Dinnius Photography.

We hope you’ll stop by and check out our new digs.

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